FFI - Fast Focussed Innovation

Virtually all of our best Health2Works ideas have originated from another inspired idea: FFI, our Fast Focused Innovation process.

It’s a process that works; delivering strong ideas and creating an innovation pipeline of applications that will align with and extend your IT strategy. As the name suggests, it’s quick, risk free and because we work collaboratively, the whole process is transparent and keeps you in control.

Working closely with key stakeholders, a typical FFI process will produce circa 100 ideas with 20 shortlisted using our unique heatmap process and the one or two with the most potential further developed through our prototype, build and pilot stages.

To find out how FFI can generate ideas and help you to bring them to life instantly, contact us today.

How do we get there?

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A 3 hour brainstorming session with clinicians to generate and organise initial ideas plus a heatmap identifying the most promising.

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Creation of interactive wireframes with a small stakeholder group to bring the most promising ideas to life.

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Our developers and designers work transparently. Progress is shared regularly with a small stakeholder group who also have access to our day to day project management tool.

View some examples

FFI Healthwise


A search engine that displays information from sites that are trusted by local clinicians and professionals. A list of trusted sites is maintained in the background and Healthwise, using a Google search, restricts the search results to information from these sites. Healthwise can be added to any Trust website via a widget.

FFI Howie


Howie helps patients to record and track their own health-related data and to share this with their clinician. Clinicians initiate accounts for patients, allocate validated questionnaires and review patient generated data prior to the next face to face appointment.

FFI Treasure Well

Treasure well

Share inspirational things that you find on the web. An additional button for mental health patient's browsers allows then to put things they find on the web into Treasure Well. A lucky dip button pulls something back from the well.

FFI Kaleidoscope


Video is a great way to share, train and communicate. Kaleidoscope helps Trusts manage a library of YouTube videos and pull them together as timelines, video walls or just individually and place them on their websites.



Nudge people into a more active lifestyle with the iCandooit Facebook app. Choose activities based on the 5 Ways To Wellbeing and get support from your facebook friends. They support you and get to hear when you have achieved your goal.

FFI Support and Share

Support & Share

Online discussion, information, hints and tips from parents of disabled children. Information is easily categorised by senior community members so that over time the site becomes a rich resource for new parents joining the group.

"Feedback from staff was extremely positive. At the end of the day we had a much clearer vision of how web technology will help deliver our services in the future"

Charlotte Wood - Productive Community Services Coordinator, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

"In 27 years of practice this is the single most useful bit of IT that I have ever used and it has clearly been designed from a GPs perspective which proves you were listening to what we wanted"

Northwich and Winsford GPs at NHS Vale Royal CCG