Meet Ollie

Ollie is an easy to use speech therapy application that enables therapists to offer online interventions with children, their parents and classroom supporters. Ollie helps compliance with prescribed programmes of work. It also makes practice fun! Therapists using Ollie can better manage their caseloads, monitor the progress of each child at a glance and offer online support in between or instead of face to face appointments.

Ollie Macbook

How Ollie works. And plays

They say the best ideas are the simple ones. That’s true of Ollie. First, parents of children are given an online account by their therapist. Programmes of work (homework) are uploaded to particular accounts and practice frequency and duration is set. Uploaded homework can be videos or PDF, Word or Powerpoint documents. Progress is recorded as it’s completed. To make practice perfect fun, children get to play online games after homework is done.

Ollie. Modernising professional practice

The beauty of Ollie is, therapists can easily keep track of how all their child clients are progressing. They can quickly spot who is and isn’t practicing and how much progress they are making. They can also see parent comments and offer notes of encouragement. Children making good progress can have new programmes of work added to their account without the need to wait for a face to face appointment, leaving valuable professional time free to focus on children who need most support.

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"Our paper exercises can be boring for children. Ollie transforms them into a format that they really engage with."

"It’s great to be able to see who needs my help the most at a glance. I feel much more in control of how I spend my time now."

G-Cloud 6 supplier

Under the G-Cloud 6 framework, Health2Works provides Ollie as a 'Software as a Service'.

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