Ralfy Points the Way

Ralfy is a social prescribing service that helps patients gain access to 3rd sector and community services that aid recovery or enhance wellbeing and quality of life.

Ralfy is a searchable database. But because it’s been designed with GPs it has a range of features that makes it really useful for GP practices and commissioners.

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How does Ralfy work?

At its core, Ralfy is a super fast database that’s searchable by text, location and service categories. So staff working at GP practices or for signposting services can quickly find the third sector services that patients need.

Ralfy helps GPs and other referrers to learn from each other. Referrers can see what services other local GPs are making use of. They can also store their personal favourites, see other people’s favourites and view comments on services provided by other GPs and by patients.

Ralfy helps Commissioners to get value for money. It records every intention to refer and this data is available by referer, practice and service in real-time to CCGs and Local Authorities. Commissioners can also promote new or under-utilised services in the search results, via Ralfy’s Commissioner Picks feature.

Ralfy helps patients. It emails well thought out service information and a location map to every patient, together with links back to rate and provide feedback on the service


Practices can serve their patients better and free up scarce appointment slots for more clearly defined medical cases.

Patients can recover better with the support of third sector services previously unknown to local GP practices.

Commissioners can use real-time intention to refer data collected by Ralfy to get better value for money from contracts they let.

Third sector organisations can attract more referrals.

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"Ralfy is now being rolled out to every GP practice in the city. It’s early days, but we envisage Ralfy being a key tool in our efforts to serve patients better whilst freeing up primary care access to those most in need of medical attention".


Ralfy is available on a 1 year or a discounted 3 year licence. All licences allow for unlimited use and include substantial implementation support, influence over the technical roadmap and all hosting, support and technical maintenance work.