Recap Health

Recap Health is an easy to use personalised patient education and self care delivery platform.

NHS clinicians can use Recap to efficiently send personalised, relevant and timely digital content (videos, leaflets, website pages, apps, local health events) direct to selected patients/clients.

Patients become better informed and better able to manage their own health effectively.

Recap Health is cloud hosted and can be used by patients on mobiles, tablets, laptops and PCs.

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Recap Health on Macbook

How does it work?

Clinicians select relevant digital content from a library that can be searched by health condition, age, language and content media type etc. Content can also be packaged into pre-defined information 'bundles' to facilitate speed of use. At the click of a button clinicians send selected content to individual patients.

Clinicians can favourite content, see what content their peers use and view patient and clinician reviews and rating of content.


Patients receive an email notification, alerting them to the arrival of new content. They login and see their personalised content on an attractive consumer style webpage. Patients can hide, rate and provide feedback on their content. They also can share it with family and friends.

Short online surveys can be presented to individual patients to measure knowledge and motivation to self care, both pre and post content access.


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Organisations can set rules to trigger in-app messages, emails and or offers of live chats. In this way Recap can become a platform for engaging with certain patients in a more proactive way.

Organisations in Health and Social Care Economies can use one instance of Recap Health to send information to patients that are ‘shared’.

Benefits - for NHS Organisations

Cost Savings:

  • Less appointments as patients become more knowledgeable and able to self care
  • Shorter appointment times as explanatory information is sent by Recap instead
  • Digital storage and electronic distribution of large volumes of patient information


  • Better version control and a tighter focus on the nature of information being sent to patients
  • Better relevance and timeliness of patient information (new versions of content can be automatically sent to patients to replace older versions)
  • Access to ongoing patient feedback about the quality and relevance of patient information
  • Access to data on which content is most popular, most used, most revisited etc.


  • Identify the extent that patients consume content
  • Stratify patients into activation cohorts
  • Audit trail ​of information interventions


  • Support the drive towards a paperless NHS
  • Foster clinical collaboration as clinicians communicate with 'shared' patients
  • Empower frontline or generalist staff as they can distribute content traditionally distributed only by specialists (often after an appointment)
  • Accelerate the media shift away from traditional information leaflets towards video

Benefits - for Patients

  • Easy access to personalised, timely and accurate healthcare information 24/7
  • More knowledgeable about their condition and appropriate self care strategies to practice
  • Sensitive information protected via a password, rather than available for others to see
  • Feel more connected to the clinicians and NHS organisations that serve them

What early adopter clinicians say

"I just think it’s a brilliant platform."

"It’s new isn’t it. It’s moving forward."

"People with long term conditions need information to build their confidence so they can self manage. Knowledge is power."

"Patients like it and find it easy to access. It opens up a wealth of information for them that they can access at their leisure."

"Recap is so versatile. You choose what type of information you give to your patient. Each person needs different information, in different formats, depending on their personal situation."

"The big advantage of Recap is that patients get up to date information automatically."

"It’s a very professional way of giving information."

"I showed it to a GP practice recently and they immediately said why can’t we have it?"

"Giving a vulnerable client a leaflet always makes me feel a little uneasy. Giving information via a password protects people more. I think patients might be more wiling to access information more if they know it’s secure."

"You know what’s it’s like with leaflets. People put them in cupboards or under the settee and they lose them. With Recap you don’t lose stuff. It's on your phone or tablet. It's all there."

"Patients can access information whenever they want. 24 hours a day."